Thursday, December 27, 2007


A visit to Porkovil, Vellore

My family and my dear friend Mr.Bhasker family planned to visit porkovil and some other important places in and around Vellore. We started our trip on 24th December 2007 by hiring a sumo vehicle. We alighted at Walajah and started our trip. First We visited Danvantri Temple near Walajah which is located just 3 kms. From here. The Danvantri temple in Walajapet, in Vellore district, is the only temple dedicated to the God of Medicine. We worshipped Lord Danvantri it is said the first doctor in the world.

From there we started to Ponnai. Ponnai is located in the border of Andhra Pradesh. Buses also available from Walajah. The temple is located just 2 kms. From ponnai bus stand. In ponnai temple the main deity is lord vinayaga. In the moolasthanam there are two types of vijayaga. One is man made and another one is suyambu. Suyambu means naturally grown in the shape of god. The speciality of ponnai is the planet gods are blessing us alongwith their wife. Separate small temple are made for each planet god. It is a different experience. Dhosams are relieved here.
After completing the ponnai visit we went to Mounaguru ashram in Tangaal village. Here lord venkateswara is made up of panjaloga metal. Now we started from here to vallimalai. Vallimalai is located near Vellore, 16 km north of the Shivastalam Tiruvalam, on the Chennai Bangalore highway. This rock cut hill temple is built on top of a small hill accessed. The steps are very big and one could easily reach the temple. Much of the temple is within a cave. The construction in this temple is attributed to the Pallava rulers and to the Madurai Nayak rulers. Here a Jain cave is also situated. And it is preserved by the ASI.

We started to Tiruvalam in Katpadi Taluk. It is located on the way to vellore from vallimalai. The temple lies on the western bank of ponnai river. The deity is said to have been worshipped by the nine planets. It was called Theekkali Vallam, which later came to be known as Tiruvalam. This temple was built by Eerayiravan Pallavarayan, an employee of King Rajendra Chozhan (1050-62 A.D.). The Nandi in this temple is very amazing. Normally nandi devar is in the direction of west. But in this temple it turned to east. The nandi is very big one.

Straight away we went to Bhaskers relatives house and had a very good lunch and we took rest for an hour.

At 2.45 pm we all started to porkovil. We reached porkovil at 3.30 pm. This temple is located just 10 kms. From Vellore. We handed over our mobile and other belongings to the taxi driver because in this temple personal belongings are not permitted. Temple administration maintaining a clock room. But due to over crowd this process will take an hour. To save the time we planned like this.

Many people are coming to visit this temple. We have waited in a hall like tirupathi balaji temple. After an hour we are allowed to enter the golden temple. Security guards are doing through scanning. It looks like a tourist place. After 30 minutes walk we can reach the main temple. The deity is Narayani Amman. The golden temple is really amazing. After the dharshan is over we started to reach main entrance.

At about 5.30 pm we came out and started to Fort temple. Jalagandeswarar is the main deity of this temple. This temple is very ancient one and has historical back ground. After this we reached new bus stand at Katpadi and through a bus we went to poonamallee at about 9.00 pm.

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